Friday, January 8, 2016

The Don Deeva - Rock Candy Jints

The Don Deeva - Rock Candy Jints

Hi everyone!! This is my very first blog post and I am so excited to start sharing all of these beautiful polishes with you!!  First up is The Don Deeva Custom Varnish - Rock Candy Jints.  These are 5-free, vegan, and cruelty-free polishes in fact all of her polishes are.  I went back and forth with myself on which of her collections to try first as they are all look so amazing and I decided to try these first!  Well, I was not disappointed!  These are absolutely beautiful polishes.  They glide onto your nails and just look so amazingly squishy!     When applying these polishes with a glitter or white base only 1 coat is needed.  Remember to always use a base coat or yellow stopper to protect your nails.  So I will show you the swatches first of each color and then I have a few designs with these ones! 

First up, is Lime!!  This is 5 thin coats but you could get away with 4 good coats.  It looks like a green jelly bean! So squishy!  I only needed so many coats to be able to show you the true color.  It truly is a beautiful color. 

 Next, is Strawberry.  This is 3 good coats.  Just looks like you are painting candy right on your nails.  This one is one of my favorites of this collection, which is odd because I'm not usually a pink kind of girl.

Ahh Blueberry, such a gorgeous blue.  This is 2 good coats.  These literally look like you could eat your fingers LOL!! (please don't do that - hahaha)

 Next, is Grape.  This is 3 good coats.  This has a magenta feel to it.  It is a very pretty color.

Blue Raspberry 
Okay, so this is 2 good coats of Blue Raspberry and this one is my absolute favorite of this collection!  However, I was unable to get this color to capture. It is AMAZING is it so much more green than shown in the above swatch... it's more like what blue raspberry fun-dip looks like.  I know that's a funny description, but TRUST me it is so beautiful.  I almost didn't finish my swatches because I didn't want to take it off LOL! 

Up next, Cherry.  This is 3 good coats.  They look like melted red hots!  Just a stunning red!

Lastly, but definitely not least is Lemon.  This was 4 good coats, as it is very sheer.  The color doesn't really do this yellow justice.  When this is on a glitter or a white base the color is completely different almost like a canary yellow. Very pretty!! 

Even the clean-up for this collection was GORGEOUS!! I mean just look at those cotton balls!!  
Some of my marble creations 
Starburst Watermarble on top of a glitter base coat
Macro Shot of the Starburst Watermarble
Swirl Watermarble with a white base coat
Did I mention that ALL of her polishes watermarble like a dream??? Cause they do!!  I mean just look at these marbles!  It's like butter in water <3

Lead Light mani
Apparently, when I took my pictures I must have switched my bottles around...ughh LOL Anyways, look how gorgeous these are!! Perfect for coloring in stamps or even a gradient base with a stamp. 

Macro - Smoosh
Smoosh Mani

This polish is great for the "smooshing" or "seran wrap technique" I like to call it Plastic Wrap Squish LOL!!  Isn't is beautiful?!?!  Now look at it with a stamp over it!!

Macro - Smoosh with Stamp
Smoosh with Stamp Mani

All and all this is a great collection and I encourage you to purchase this collection from  

Well I hope you enjoyed my first post and keep coming back for more!!